Smelling my resources in order to cope better

With some colleagues I have developed a number of “psycho-sensory” methods which, gently and effectively, help us better cope with difficult experiences. We have dedicated a whole book to these approaches.
Here I’ll limit myself to give you a first idea about one of these methods, which is in essence so simple and obvious (especially when you understand a little about how our brain works …) that it is surprising that this approach is not more widespread.

First we will decide together on the painful situation to focus on, a situation which until now you couldn’t manage in a way that corresponds with your values.
Then I’ll help you find a fragrance which, in this context, invigorates you – and often the smell is other than one prescribed in the literature on aromatherapy: it really is something very personal and punctual. I’ll present you with a number of odors, often in the form of essential oils, to find the one that does you the most good. You discover directly in your body, that this smell makes you stronger, even when facing this situation which seemed insurmountable to you just before. And from this experience, new and more satisfying options become available. This might at first be a surprising idea, but even if you are skeptical of it all, when you have direct experience with it…
Moreover, there are solid neurological and physiological data that convincingly explain why this can work so well. But instead of presenting these serious scientific data, I suggest you think of what the famous madeleine did for Marcel Proust…

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