How to activate and embody self-compassion and prosociality?

It may be that the olfactory stimulation, described on the previous page, is not for you or at least not often. It may be that you progress better through a kind of gentle self-massage of tender or sore areas while you expose yourself, in your imagination, to difficult situations. These are the areas of the body that can, or not, be the points outlined in acupuncture.
You will advance especially when this self-massage is done with an attitude of self-compassion. Contrary to what we read almost everywhere, it seems more important to focus our attention on « how we massage », « With what attitude and intention? », rather than to decide exactly where to apply this touch. It is therefore not a technique to be applied mechanically, as what matters most is to genuinely take care of ourselves by caring for ourselves.
One of the key issues underlying the majority of problems for which someone seeks professional help is a harsh non-compassionate attitude towards oneself. Self-massage done with care is a very direct and practical way to cultivate more self-compassion. Which in turn allows you to not only be more at peace with yourself, but also to be better able to feel and express compassion for those around you.

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