How to go even further towards the core of myself? 

While it is crucial to discover and assert your values and to act more in harmony with these, it may be appropriate to go further, to a quest for what is even more important to you than the values already identified, for what are often described as « core- qualities » at the « heart of our being. »
In a therapeutic dialogue according to a specific protocol, you will not only become aware of what matters most deeply to you, but also experience these precious qualities in your body and embody these in actions that emerge from these experiences.
It’s often a bit the crown on all the work previously done, work which has allowed you to establish a more caring and intimate connection with your own body, to discover and elaborate your own « metaphors », to find access to your own felt gestures, etc.
Once you are familiar with this protocol, you can apply it at home for transforming problematic responses, with no or only minimal professional support, and so continue to explore and go your own way, inspired and guided by your deepest ressources and values.

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