Because of my problems, I can’t meditate

You may have already heard about the benefits of meditation, especially of “mindfulness-based meditation” And indeed, the results described in many studies indicate the potential benefits of mindfulness practices, especially for stress management, for the treatment of anxiety disorders, of physical pain, addictions, and for the prevention of relapse into depression .
But unfortunately there is a significant number of people who (apparently) fail to meditate, or to maintain a meditation practice after having participated in a mindfulness-training, or feel discouraged when issues which seemed to be resolved come back.
This is why I trained extensively in a whole new approach, first taught in 2014, developed by Connirae Andreas. It consists in relatively easy to learn protocol which allows us to release the grip of the « ego », spoken of in almost all contemplative traditions. And this by taking our esent problems as a starting point.
So this approach, called the « Wholeness Process », is not about putting the problem to the side, but about discovering the « contracted ego » which maintains, exacerbates, or even creates these problems, and to develop a context which allows this « ego » to relax and open up to a more-encompassing consciousness.
If this sounds complicated or even absurd, you need not worry. What is complicated is to describe this approach in a few words, whereas experiencing and enjoying its benefits is in princple possible for almost anyone fater some amount of preparation. The other approaches described in this site also serve as a preparation for this work, over and beyond being quite therapeutic in and of themselves. And when you are familiar with this procedure, you’ll discover that it is not only a beautiful preparation for meditation, but also a way to solve on a more fundamental level a good number of your emotional problems, to find a restful sleep, to find a deeper peace, to resolve issues related to “authority” and “desire”, etc.